Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wall-e is found.

Ever since Jordon and I have been married, we have really liked the fact that we relate to Wall-e and Eva. We saw it in theaters while we were dating and really liked it. So, we named our cars after the movie. My little white Honda is Eva and Jordon's big suburban is Wall-e. Recently we have picked up a new hobby here at's disney pin trading. It's super fun, I never knew how fun it would be to get some pins and trade them for better ones with other people. At Disneyworld, the cast members wear lanyards with a bunch of these pins and they have to trade with you if you want one of their's a sweet deal. One day, Jordon and I were looking for Wall-e and Eva pins and couldn't find them anywhere so we decided to buy them. We were so excited to have these awesome pins. About a week later, we were getting in the car to go to a park and Jordon looks down at his lanyard and his Wall-e pin is not there!!! It just barely fell off because the back fell into his lap. We were sad, but went on our merry way. This was 2 weeks ago. Today, I was sitting in the break room at work and I was talking to some girls and somehow we got on the topic of getting things stuck on your shoe. This girl named Lisa whom I've never talked to before started telling a story about how she was walking out of her apartment one day and she heard a clank...clank. She looked on the bottom of her shoe and there was wall-e!!! As she was telling this story I freaked out and was like..."No Way!!! That's my husbands! You live in building 8? stairwell closest to the security gate?" she said "yeah!!!" I flipped. We have been looking everywhere for that pin! What are the odds that the story of it would even come up. 1 I've never talked to her before, 2 she lives in my building and 3 she works at my ride. Wow, talk about coincidence!!! What a good day...Wall-e is found!

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