Friday, November 12, 2010

Dream Life

Oh yes, and I was going to talk more about what a dream life we live. Okay, so we both work 5 days a week. Our weekend is not the worlds weekend for example my Friday was Wednesday this week because I had Thursday and Friday off. Our weekends don't always line up, but we usually have at least one day off together. So, that's not even the best part. The best part is, in our free time we have the world at our fingertips! We can go to any Disney park for FREE!!! Can you even imagine it? Oh, I got off work at 5 today, I think I'll go spend my evening at the Magic Kingdom. Maybe get a churro and watch some fireworks, that sounds good. Like, how spoiled are we? So yeah, in our free time, all we do is go to the parks and bask in the goodness and freedom of being young, healthy, happy, and spoiled. This free time stuff is also very new to me. I am graduated from College, I have no homework, I have to instruments to practice, I have no lessons to prepare to teach....this is a new level of freedom I have never experienced. And to put a cherry on top, we are here and my baby. Can life get much better?

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  1. Well, gosh!! Are you two just livin' the dream!? How fun is that??? That makes me so happy, just thinking about the freedoms & fun you're having right now! Yay!!