Monday, December 17, 2012

Fall Semester at BYU

Life has been great here in Provo. We miss Logan, but the people in Provo are just as awesome. The only thing we don't like about Provo is the traffic. It takes 20 min to get anywhere. In Logan it only took 5. Other than that, we don't miss the frigid coldness of Logan that's for sure. Above is a pic of us back in June.
This one is of Asher in July. That outfit is from Cars Land in California Adventure. The Ma and Pa LeBaron got it for him while they were there.
These are pics of Asher in August. Just chillin on the Provo.
This is me on my first day of school at BYU. Yes, I wore red on my first day of school here...I'm such a rebel. But don't doesn't mean anything! True Blue Through and Through.

We ran our 2nd half marathon ever in September. It was in Spanish Fork. Jordon got 3rd place in his age category. It was way harder than the last half we did, I wasn't in very good shape. But I finished in 2:04:34....not bad for not being in shape. Jordon ran it in about 1:46. Then I won a GPS watch! I've been wanting one forever! It was so worth it.
Asher found a new toy. Aaaaa....must keep eyes on him at all times.
Asher started standing up in his crib in September or so. Such a fun sight to wake up to.
Asher's first BYU football game with D-Ma. He loved every minute of it!
This was on my birthday October 17, the day before we left for Disneyland. Asher was as excited as me!
Mickey's not so scary Halloween party was a blast! Asher made about 14 girls melt...Jordon counted.
We had WAY too much fun in Radiator Springs. Cars Land BABY!
Didn't quite have the muscles for this one.
Mr. Toad was Asher's favorite! He was laughing his head off.
The most magical place on earth. We had so much fun.
We carved some pumpkins with our good friends the Tuioti's and the Croskreys.
This is why 14 girls' hearts melted ;)
"Our little....Hercules"
Asher LOVED playing in all the leaves! It was such a warm day, right before the huge snow storm hit in November.
Our cute little backyard :)
Literally the next day.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Best thing about Finals week....more snuggle time with the buddy.
He fell asleep like this...and stayed for 2 hours! It was the cutest thing ever!

-Asher tilts his head down, let's his jaw form a double chin, then he opens and closes his mouth kind of like he's mentally handicapped. It's hilarious!
-Asher has found the light switch. Whenever he's on our bed he loved to flip it on, then jump backward onto the bed. Then he flips it off and jumps backward onto the bed. He thinks he's so funny.
-Asher can imitate like it's nobody's business. He clicks his tongue, buzzes his lips, growls like a cougar, and says "na nun" meaning "all done" every time he is done eating. He knows what it means! I believe that is his first word.
-Asher loves books! Especially the touchy feely ones....and ones with ducks.
-The other day Jordon was feeding him veggies and he didn't like them so he spit them at Jordon. Jordon had a huge reaction and was like "OOhhhh" and Asher LAUGHED his guts out. So now, anytime he blows in our face we go "Oohh" and he laughs way hard. 
-Asher has a very special crawl. He CAN crawl normal, but sometimes he chooses to crawl on his hands and FEET...kind of like Mogely on the Jungle Book. It's hilarious, and he can cruise...super fast.
-Asher's laugh is to die for.
-Asher is a wiggle worm and won't hold still when we change his's kind of a pain...but that's my boy.
-Asher doesn't like to cuddle! The only time he will cuddle with me is if he's super tired, or he's hurt himself pretty bad. I cherish those moments. I think he's a little bit claustrophobic like his mama.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

BYU, Grad school, Asher update

Asher is 8 months old! He is cruising around. He's a little cruiser. He puts everything in his mouth now. He also has 2 teeth! He loves to eat goldfish, pretzels, cheerios, bananas, bread, and anything his little jaw can chew. Life is crazy here in Provo :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 4th of July

                                                               Asher: "Tickle tickle"
 We went to Park City for the 4th. It was a blast. When we first got there it was raining Ashes from the Alpine fire. But it cleared up. We had fun on the Alpine Slide!

 I want YOU to give me a kiss...

So we went to the Cache Valley cruise-in. People come from miles and miles to bring their awesome cars to show off in this parade. Look how awesome this Orange one was driving 1cm off the ground! Crazy.

 I like pink cars :)

 Back to the Future Cars!
 Asher had fun watching the cars go by....but...
 This is what happened every time they revved up their was quite hilarious....he doesn't like loud noises.
 New Asherisms:

Asher likes to stick his feet right up by his's so effortless, I don't understand.
Asher LOVES Peas and he Loves Carrots too! Even more than any fruit I've given him. He doesn't like Turkey...he just spits it out. I think loving his veggies is a Papa Garrett trait. My Mother-in-law said her kids all HATED Peas. Looks like Asher is a Garrett after all :)

Asher is NOT a fan of Peek-a-boo. Even if I'm not scaring him every time, after about 5 peek-a-boos he gets that cute little sad face and starts crying...sad.

Asher still loves to kick his feet. This is what is going through his head "Let's see how fast I can kick my feet for the next 5 minutes" He just keeps going, and he's so intent on it.

Every time Asher wakes up, he's so happy to see me and I'm so happy to see him. It's a fabulous relationship. I give him food, he's happy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jordon's 1st Father's Day

We had sliders and yummy potato thingy's for Father's Day

Jordon got tools, a bike, and Disney scene it.
Side stories: I got Disney scene it at a garage sale for $1. When he opened it, there was no Good thing I only paid $1.
Bike: We sold my 10 year old bike for $80. We got this beautiful 2011 bike for $170 (on KSL) what a steal! Life is good. Jordon rides the bike to work everyday. I'm going to ride it to grad school :)

Asher updates:

Asher got his 4 month shots last week (even though he's 5 months)
When we got home he ripped off the band-aid and started playing with it.

Asher turned 5 months old yesterday. I decided to feed him some bananas this morning. Didn't keep much food in his mouth.


Asher does not stop moving. It's hilarious. Sometimes he'll just kick his legs really fast. The other day I was feeding him and he was flailing his arm. Jordon came in and held it down, so he flailed his other arm. He held them both, so he kicked his legs. Jordon held his arms and legs, and Asher wiggled his elbow.

Asher likes to stick his legs in the's pretty funny.

Asher has found his tongue. He does the little raspberry noises all day long....super awesome. I was blowing my tongue at him, then he'd imitate me and do it back. 

He's been saying Momomom a lot lately....but he doesn't know what he's saying. It's cute.

Lately, when I feed him, he holds on  to my right pinky with his left hand, and plays with my hair with his right so:

So precious.

Oh, and he's blown out of his diaper 3 times in the last 3 days. I think that about covers it! I love my little boy. He brings so much light to my life! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My 1st Mother's Day

Best Mother's Day Ever! Can life get any better? The middle pic made me laugh so hard....I didn't even realize I was holding the book in front of Asher's face...and Jordon didn't even tell me!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Late Easter

I thought I'd post some of our Easter pics, cause I forgot to last month. 
Asher's blessing in March. He LOVED that outfit.

Asher's first Easter egg hunt at the mall....he found the best egg.

Asher's basket was hidden on the dryer...he was so excited to find it.

Family Easter pic. The Easter bunny hid Jordon's basket in the oven, and mine got hidden in Asher's car seat. Silly Bunny.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New fears

So, I've just discovered that my baby boy NEVER stops moving. Even while he's eating, he's kicking and moving his head around and just being crazy! Oh man, I'm in for a treat when he starts being able to move himself around. I was a TERROR of a child, and I've just discovered that Asher just may turn out the same way. Oh goody.
This is his mischievous face.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy 3 Month Birthday Asher

New Asherism: Asher LOVES to stick out his tongue. 

He also likes to hit himself in the face while he's sticking out his tongue. 

I just love his facial expression on this last one. He's like "why did I just hit myself in the face?...OH, because it's fun, I'm going to do it again!"

Random Fact of the day: Why was tax day on the 17th this year? Because it can't fall on a weekend or a holiday. Well then, why wasn't it on Monday the 16th? Oh, because the government decided to celebrate emancipation random. It's a holiday I guess.