Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp Out in June!!

In Logan it snows, hails, and rains in June, and Jordon and I really wanted to go camping. So we our living room. We also roasted Hot Dogs over the stove...yummmm.

Sweet Summer Time!!!

Oh how I love the summer. Jordon is suffering from the grass pollen in the air, but I am enjoying every inch. I am officially living the dream life...for a singer. I am married to an incredible man, I have 30 students to whom I teach voice, violin and piano, I am getting paid to be in 2 shows, and I have a fabulous family. Who could ask for more? Getting paid to perform...that's like getting paid to eat candy...I'd do it in a heartbeat. Jordon and I are enjoying running this summer. This morning while we were out running 7 miles, a random yellow lab dog decided to follow us. He followed us for 4 miles! It was rather hilarious. Jordon and I love to have BBQ's. Our BBQ is not quite a BBQ but it does the trick. Jordon is working at Logan Burgers this summer...the yummiest place in town (besides Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Chiles, Cafe Rio...the usual best's). We are having fun counting our calories and trying to stay fit an trim for our possible performing opportunities coming up. We are so excited...we are headed to Florida in 2 months to work at Disney World!!! It will be the time of our lives. Here are some random pics from our life the last little while.