Friday, March 29, 2013

Splurge Day!!!!

Okay, this day turned out way different than I thought it would turn out, and MAN did we spend a lot of money....but holy cow! We got some freaking awesome deals and I just had to document this awesome fun splurge of a day that has kind of been planned for a long time, but we never thought it would actually happen. We spent $554 dollars today, but after all of the stuff that I tell you, you will not believe that we got it all for that price!

First stop, Costco: We call this the $100 store because you can't leave without spending AT LEAST that much. But, we walked out with a whole 16 piece set of cups, 3-hole punch, snacks for Asher, tons of Bananas, Milk, Butter, Lettuce, Potatoes, Applesauce, Eggs, and maybe a couple of other things for only $86...that was the first surprise of the day...leaving Costco for less than $100.

Next stop: RC Willey outlet to browse some couches. Couches are freaking expensive! We've been wanting one, but it just hasn't been appealing because they are all around $ least all the leather type ones that we want. So a lady helped us. We found the perfect couch, and it was $349...that's not the best part though. She said she would give it to us for $270 if we could haul it home. What? Brand new leatherish couch for $270? That's unheard of. Done. We also bought an electric can opener for $13. So the total at RC Willey was $303....but they gave us a free icecream scoop and flashlight! So awesome :)

3rd stop: D.I. Wow. I left the D.I. with some incredible comfortable like-new brown shoes for $7. So happy.

4th stop: JC Penney: Jordon has been wanting a suit for quite some time, but we just haven't been able to afford he wanted a custom made one. So, he found a suit that he loved! And it actually fit him perfectly! He also wanted a vest and pink shirt. He also needed a cumberbun, tux shirt, and bow tie for a choir he is in. I also wanted a cute Easter outfit to be cute with my boys. So I found a cute yellow shirt. We got out of JC Penney for $140!!!! Amazing! Me Dress shirt, Jordon Tux Shirt, Cumberbun, Bow tie, Suit pants, Suit Jacket, Vest, Pink Dress shirt. Amazing steal of a deal!!!!

5th stop: Wingers. We had a salad and wings for $10....Then tipped the guy $3. And Asher was being freaking adorable and laughing his head off.

Yes, this day was expensive, but yes, this day was totally a success.