Monday, November 22, 2010


So, for the past 3 months I have been attending a single's ward. Yep, you heard me right, a SINGLE'S hilarious being married in a singles ward!!
 I have also been going to church at 8 pm and it only lasts 45 minutes!
Talk about awesome......! Alright, it was awesome for the first couple of weeks, now I just miss the 3 hour block and not working on Sunday. It's funny how the grass is always greener on the other side. (Oh, and this pic is of the Orlando Temple :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


What a weird word....PEOPLE. Just stare at it for a while, then say it in your's weird. Is that really how you spell it? Okay, yeah, pretty sure that's right.
 People are great. I have come to the conclusion lately that I absolutely love gay people. They are absolutely hilarious.Being here at Disney really contributes to being around a lot of boys that like other boys. It kind of grosses me out to think about it, but MAN are they great people! I have a bunch of gay friends....Frankie, Nick, Chris, Hansel, Yoosef, Brandon, Chase, Brock, etc.... There are many. But man, I have analyzed this a lot lately to find out why they are such hilarious people. I have come to the conclusion that if a man is confident enough to admit to liking other men, then he is very confident, therefore funny also. I have also observed that they all talk a lot...kind of like girls. They have this girlish tendency to be dramatic and it comes off so funny. Here are some Quotes from my fun-loving friends: It is 90 degrees outside and at our job we are all sweating profusely. Frankie comes into the break room with a wet back from sitting in the truck. He yells out in his hilarious voice "Stop, don't look at my back, I'm a hot mess!!" Just say that with a little gay lisp and isn't it hilarious? Another scenario I say "Hansel, why don't you have hiking boots on and how do you get away with not being Disney look?" He says "Honey, it's because I'm Hansel". Oh my gosh, I just love it. Every time you see them they make you feel like a million bucks cause they are so excited to see you. So I have come to the conclusion: I love gay people, they are great friends.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wall-e is found.

Ever since Jordon and I have been married, we have really liked the fact that we relate to Wall-e and Eva. We saw it in theaters while we were dating and really liked it. So, we named our cars after the movie. My little white Honda is Eva and Jordon's big suburban is Wall-e. Recently we have picked up a new hobby here at's disney pin trading. It's super fun, I never knew how fun it would be to get some pins and trade them for better ones with other people. At Disneyworld, the cast members wear lanyards with a bunch of these pins and they have to trade with you if you want one of their's a sweet deal. One day, Jordon and I were looking for Wall-e and Eva pins and couldn't find them anywhere so we decided to buy them. We were so excited to have these awesome pins. About a week later, we were getting in the car to go to a park and Jordon looks down at his lanyard and his Wall-e pin is not there!!! It just barely fell off because the back fell into his lap. We were sad, but went on our merry way. This was 2 weeks ago. Today, I was sitting in the break room at work and I was talking to some girls and somehow we got on the topic of getting things stuck on your shoe. This girl named Lisa whom I've never talked to before started telling a story about how she was walking out of her apartment one day and she heard a clank...clank. She looked on the bottom of her shoe and there was wall-e!!! As she was telling this story I freaked out and was like..."No Way!!! That's my husbands! You live in building 8? stairwell closest to the security gate?" she said "yeah!!!" I flipped. We have been looking everywhere for that pin! What are the odds that the story of it would even come up. 1 I've never talked to her before, 2 she lives in my building and 3 she works at my ride. Wow, talk about coincidence!!! What a good day...Wall-e is found!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Half Marathon: major goal in life....check.

Today me and my baby ran a half marathon. 13.1 miles to be exact. We have been training for this since June and the most we ran was 12 miles. This is how the morning went. We woke up at 5, drove to downtown Orlando (got lost for a little bit because anywhere outside of Utah has ridiculous streets). We signed in, waited in a 15 minute line for the port-a-potties. Then we stood at the line waiting to race. Jordon's goal was to get under 2 hours, my goal was to finish alive...I just didn't want to be the last person. They blew the horn and off we went.  Jordon was very nice and he stayed with me for the first 9 miles. It was nice to have someone to run with and talk to. We were going faster than we have ever gone while training. At mile 9 I was like...okay, leave me, I need to slow down a little. So off he went. I just wanted to beat this girl that was in a cute little pink polka dot mini skirt, so she paced me most of the time. The last mile was very hard, my legs felt like jell-o. But I sprinted to the finish line and beat that girl...who turned out to be a 50 year old lady that looked really young. Anywho, not only did I not come in last place, I got 3rd in my age group, and I ran it in under 2 hours. My time was 1:56:22, 3rd place in the female 20-24 group. Jordon got a time of 1:52:56 and he got 4th in the male 25-29 group! We kicked our own trash but it was so worth it. And there was free breakfast at the end. What a great experience.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dream Life

Oh yes, and I was going to talk more about what a dream life we live. Okay, so we both work 5 days a week. Our weekend is not the worlds weekend for example my Friday was Wednesday this week because I had Thursday and Friday off. Our weekends don't always line up, but we usually have at least one day off together. So, that's not even the best part. The best part is, in our free time we have the world at our fingertips! We can go to any Disney park for FREE!!! Can you even imagine it? Oh, I got off work at 5 today, I think I'll go spend my evening at the Magic Kingdom. Maybe get a churro and watch some fireworks, that sounds good. Like, how spoiled are we? So yeah, in our free time, all we do is go to the parks and bask in the goodness and freedom of being young, healthy, happy, and spoiled. This free time stuff is also very new to me. I am graduated from College, I have no homework, I have to instruments to practice, I have no lessons to prepare to teach....this is a new level of freedom I have never experienced. And to put a cherry on top, we are here and my baby. Can life get much better?

Now, many things have come to pass in the last 2 months, so here is the gist of the dream life we have been living. Living on a vacation, that is what we call it. I, Angela, work at Kilimanjaro Safari's. It is a ride where I drive an enormous truck that holds 36 some odd guests, I drive around the Harambe Wildlife Reserve and I tell people facts about the African animals that we see. The highlight of my day is when we get to the elephants. There is a 5 month old baby elephant named Luna and she is the cutest thing since the color pink was invented. At the end of each tour we get to catch some poachers that are trying to kill an elephant for her ivory tusks. We catch them every time, it's awesome! Then I do that over and over again. On a good day I'll go around 7 times. Any more than that get's a little monotonous. Also for 2 hours out of the day we will get a "land" which means we load, unload, collect fastpasses, or do one of those positions. We love those positions cause they give us a break :) Jordon works at the Jungle Cruise. He gets to go in circles all day too, but the animals he sees are fake and he gets to make jokes about them. We wear almost exactly the same outfit...and this all happened by chance, one phone interview and we both got the best jobs in the park. Lucky us.

Life is Magical!!!

Disney World!!! The happiest place on earth. A place where you can leave your entire life behind you and just BE. You can just smile and enjoy the moments. Disney is one place where you can work, be crazy happy all the time, and people won't think you are crazy because you are smiling while you are working, in fact, we are required to smile and enjoy is part of the job description. So here we are, our first day in the happiest place on earth. This pic was taken at our orientation.