Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring 2013

This semester of school was a lot better than the last. I was able to have quite a bit more free time to spend with my baby boy who is growing up and is not so much a baby anymore :( I didn't have school until about noon every day so I got to spend the whole morning with him each day. We'll start with some Christmas pics. Asher got a blow-up train ball-pit.

Asher Santa.

In January we had Asher's 1st Birthday Party. We had a diaper derby with other kids in the quad/ward.

Then we went sledding with the Garrett Fam.
Happy Birthday to Jordon.

Look what he got!!! Amazing!

Happy Valentines Day! Or should I say "Day after Valentines Day"...we celebrate the day after at Chili's because that is where and when we went on our first date.

March 6, 2013....Our 4 year anniversary. Celebrated at Goodwood BBQ in was delicious. We also saw the movie "Jack the Giant Slayer" awesome graphics, terrible acting.

Ward Party for St. Patricks Day!

Then Asher ate an entire apple.....core and all! Crazy.

We went on an Easter Egg hunt at the BYU track....Asher got one egg...with no candy because there were a billion kids.

He loves those Olive Garden breadsticks. This was for Rachelle's birthday :) April 24th.

The Shell Graduated the day after her BDay :)

Then we went to Las Vegas for a voice competition. I got 2nd in my category!

Aquarium at Mandalay Bay....yes, that is an octopus...a real one.

Then, just a week ago, we went to the Tracy Aviary to see the birds. Or as Asher would say "Duckie". He didn't like the face hole things.

And here is Asher playing in the back yard at the LeBaron's house. Summer is going to be awesome!!

That is an update of the LeBaron Clan!!!! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Splurge Day!!!!

Okay, this day turned out way different than I thought it would turn out, and MAN did we spend a lot of money....but holy cow! We got some freaking awesome deals and I just had to document this awesome fun splurge of a day that has kind of been planned for a long time, but we never thought it would actually happen. We spent $554 dollars today, but after all of the stuff that I tell you, you will not believe that we got it all for that price!

First stop, Costco: We call this the $100 store because you can't leave without spending AT LEAST that much. But, we walked out with a whole 16 piece set of cups, 3-hole punch, snacks for Asher, tons of Bananas, Milk, Butter, Lettuce, Potatoes, Applesauce, Eggs, and maybe a couple of other things for only $86...that was the first surprise of the day...leaving Costco for less than $100.

Next stop: RC Willey outlet to browse some couches. Couches are freaking expensive! We've been wanting one, but it just hasn't been appealing because they are all around $ least all the leather type ones that we want. So a lady helped us. We found the perfect couch, and it was $349...that's not the best part though. She said she would give it to us for $270 if we could haul it home. What? Brand new leatherish couch for $270? That's unheard of. Done. We also bought an electric can opener for $13. So the total at RC Willey was $303....but they gave us a free icecream scoop and flashlight! So awesome :)

3rd stop: D.I. Wow. I left the D.I. with some incredible comfortable like-new brown shoes for $7. So happy.

4th stop: JC Penney: Jordon has been wanting a suit for quite some time, but we just haven't been able to afford he wanted a custom made one. So, he found a suit that he loved! And it actually fit him perfectly! He also wanted a vest and pink shirt. He also needed a cumberbun, tux shirt, and bow tie for a choir he is in. I also wanted a cute Easter outfit to be cute with my boys. So I found a cute yellow shirt. We got out of JC Penney for $140!!!! Amazing! Me Dress shirt, Jordon Tux Shirt, Cumberbun, Bow tie, Suit pants, Suit Jacket, Vest, Pink Dress shirt. Amazing steal of a deal!!!!

5th stop: Wingers. We had a salad and wings for $10....Then tipped the guy $3. And Asher was being freaking adorable and laughing his head off.

Yes, this day was expensive, but yes, this day was totally a success.