Saturday, November 13, 2010

Half Marathon: major goal in life....check.

Today me and my baby ran a half marathon. 13.1 miles to be exact. We have been training for this since June and the most we ran was 12 miles. This is how the morning went. We woke up at 5, drove to downtown Orlando (got lost for a little bit because anywhere outside of Utah has ridiculous streets). We signed in, waited in a 15 minute line for the port-a-potties. Then we stood at the line waiting to race. Jordon's goal was to get under 2 hours, my goal was to finish alive...I just didn't want to be the last person. They blew the horn and off we went.  Jordon was very nice and he stayed with me for the first 9 miles. It was nice to have someone to run with and talk to. We were going faster than we have ever gone while training. At mile 9 I was like...okay, leave me, I need to slow down a little. So off he went. I just wanted to beat this girl that was in a cute little pink polka dot mini skirt, so she paced me most of the time. The last mile was very hard, my legs felt like jell-o. But I sprinted to the finish line and beat that girl...who turned out to be a 50 year old lady that looked really young. Anywho, not only did I not come in last place, I got 3rd in my age group, and I ran it in under 2 hours. My time was 1:56:22, 3rd place in the female 20-24 group. Jordon got a time of 1:52:56 and he got 4th in the male 25-29 group! We kicked our own trash but it was so worth it. And there was free breakfast at the end. What a great experience.

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  1. Dang... I applaud you! I can barely run a mile without wanting to just collapse & take a nap or something. Well done, Ms. Angela! Well done!