Saturday, July 9, 2011

May, Europe, I'm Pregnant!!!

So, a couple of months ago my family went to the awesome countries of Spain, France, Switzerland, and Italy. It was an incredible experience. We did firesides in each city that we visited, and got to see some things as well. We had many experiences where investigators would be at the fireside and then want to learn more about the church after the fireside. It was a good missionary experience. Pictures to come soon. We didn't get much sleep while we were there so it was kind of hard. I want to share two experiences. On one of the firesides, a girl came up to me after and said "Can I hug you?" I said "Yes of course" She held me for 5 minutes and wouldn't let go. She was crying. She let go of me and looked at me and said "When you sang, I realized that Jesus loves me". It was a very touching moment. There were many like this one.

Another cool story: we did a fireside in France. Afterwards, Jordon and I were staying with the young bishop of the ward. We were walking into his place and he said "are you pregnant?" I was kind of taken off guard because I didn't think I was. I said "I don't know" He said "No?"...he thought I said no and he was embarrassed. Then I said "No, I don't know...I could be". He said "I think you are, when you were singing the spirit told me that you are". I was kind of weirded out, but it was kind of cool at the same time. He said he'd had experiences like that before where he could tell that a woman was pregnant before she knew.

So, we got home from Europe, took a pregnancy test and couldn't believe our eyes! I'm pregnant!