Friday, November 12, 2010

Now, many things have come to pass in the last 2 months, so here is the gist of the dream life we have been living. Living on a vacation, that is what we call it. I, Angela, work at Kilimanjaro Safari's. It is a ride where I drive an enormous truck that holds 36 some odd guests, I drive around the Harambe Wildlife Reserve and I tell people facts about the African animals that we see. The highlight of my day is when we get to the elephants. There is a 5 month old baby elephant named Luna and she is the cutest thing since the color pink was invented. At the end of each tour we get to catch some poachers that are trying to kill an elephant for her ivory tusks. We catch them every time, it's awesome! Then I do that over and over again. On a good day I'll go around 7 times. Any more than that get's a little monotonous. Also for 2 hours out of the day we will get a "land" which means we load, unload, collect fastpasses, or do one of those positions. We love those positions cause they give us a break :) Jordon works at the Jungle Cruise. He gets to go in circles all day too, but the animals he sees are fake and he gets to make jokes about them. We wear almost exactly the same outfit...and this all happened by chance, one phone interview and we both got the best jobs in the park. Lucky us.

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