Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day!

Happy St Patty's!

Just wanted to write down my awesomely productive day yesterday! Here goes:
5:00 am Asher wakes up to eat.
5:30 am I'm already up, might as well hit the gym for the first time in 3 months!
5:45 am run for 30 minutes
6:30 am get home
6:45 am take Jordon to work...I get the car today, wahoo! Let's see how much we can get done:)
7:15 am Take a nap.
8:00 am Work while Asher sleeps
9:00 am Shower, get ready, feed Asher, get him ready.
10:00 am call Car dudes for oil change appointment
10:15 am Go to Bank
11:00 am Oil Change. Go on walk to Book Table during oil change to go pick up W-2.
11:30 am Pick up car. Go to Chik-fil-a to pick up lunch.
12 noon Lunch with Jordon at work! Fun! Feed and change Asher
1:00 pm Taxes appoinment. We only owe 2,000! I thought we were going to owe 4,000! I act excited and the accountant is like "I wasn't expecting that reaction!"
2:00 pm call for an eye appointment (it will be at 3)
2:15 pm Run to Old Navy to get workout clothes and Downeast to get undershirts :)
3:00 pm Eye appointment, I have 20/50 vision. Pick out new glasses.
3:35 pm Head to Jordon's work. Asher starts to cry in the car.
3:45 pm get to Jordon's work. Get in back seat to feed Asher.
4:00 Jordon get's off.
4:15 get home start dinner. Jordon takes over while I color my hair, bathe Asher, shower, and get ready.
5:15 Eat Dinner
5:45 Leave for Kiddie Kandids
6:00 pm Asher's blessing pics ar Kiddie Kandids
7:00 pm get home and work for 30  minutes/ feed Asher
7:45 pm Head to Jordon's B-Ball game
8:00 pm watch Jordon play church ball and talk to my friend Kim
9:00 pm Jordon decides to stay and play the next game. I walk to my friend Cami's house and chat with her. I feed Asher, I change his blown out gets all over my hands, yuck.
10:15 pm Get home and watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

12 midnight Sleepy time.