Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day!

Happy St Patty's!

Just wanted to write down my awesomely productive day yesterday! Here goes:
5:00 am Asher wakes up to eat.
5:30 am I'm already up, might as well hit the gym for the first time in 3 months!
5:45 am run for 30 minutes
6:30 am get home
6:45 am take Jordon to work...I get the car today, wahoo! Let's see how much we can get done:)
7:15 am Take a nap.
8:00 am Work while Asher sleeps
9:00 am Shower, get ready, feed Asher, get him ready.
10:00 am call Car dudes for oil change appointment
10:15 am Go to Bank
11:00 am Oil Change. Go on walk to Book Table during oil change to go pick up W-2.
11:30 am Pick up car. Go to Chik-fil-a to pick up lunch.
12 noon Lunch with Jordon at work! Fun! Feed and change Asher
1:00 pm Taxes appoinment. We only owe 2,000! I thought we were going to owe 4,000! I act excited and the accountant is like "I wasn't expecting that reaction!"
2:00 pm call for an eye appointment (it will be at 3)
2:15 pm Run to Old Navy to get workout clothes and Downeast to get undershirts :)
3:00 pm Eye appointment, I have 20/50 vision. Pick out new glasses.
3:35 pm Head to Jordon's work. Asher starts to cry in the car.
3:45 pm get to Jordon's work. Get in back seat to feed Asher.
4:00 Jordon get's off.
4:15 get home start dinner. Jordon takes over while I color my hair, bathe Asher, shower, and get ready.
5:15 Eat Dinner
5:45 Leave for Kiddie Kandids
6:00 pm Asher's blessing pics ar Kiddie Kandids
7:00 pm get home and work for 30  minutes/ feed Asher
7:45 pm Head to Jordon's B-Ball game
8:00 pm watch Jordon play church ball and talk to my friend Kim
9:00 pm Jordon decides to stay and play the next game. I walk to my friend Cami's house and chat with her. I feed Asher, I change his blown out gets all over my hands, yuck.
10:15 pm Get home and watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

12 midnight Sleepy time.


  1. My goodness that is an amazing list! Russell wore that same outfit for St. Patty's day. It is so cute and Asher looks adorable!

  2. Whew! Productive day indeed -- way to go! And how cute are you guys!? I love the St. Patty's Day family picture! :)

  3. What a day! You are such a cute little family. Congratulations on little Asher I just read his birth story what a big guy 9lbs!! I totally empathize with the length of labor! Congrats again.

  4. Whew! That was a productive day. Glad you are all wearing green because I'd be super tempted to pinch Asher's little cheeks. All four of them! :)