Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 4th of July

                                                               Asher: "Tickle tickle"
 We went to Park City for the 4th. It was a blast. When we first got there it was raining Ashes from the Alpine fire. But it cleared up. We had fun on the Alpine Slide!

 I want YOU to give me a kiss...

So we went to the Cache Valley cruise-in. People come from miles and miles to bring their awesome cars to show off in this parade. Look how awesome this Orange one was driving 1cm off the ground! Crazy.

 I like pink cars :)

 Back to the Future Cars!
 Asher had fun watching the cars go by....but...
 This is what happened every time they revved up their was quite hilarious....he doesn't like loud noises.
 New Asherisms:

Asher likes to stick his feet right up by his's so effortless, I don't understand.
Asher LOVES Peas and he Loves Carrots too! Even more than any fruit I've given him. He doesn't like Turkey...he just spits it out. I think loving his veggies is a Papa Garrett trait. My Mother-in-law said her kids all HATED Peas. Looks like Asher is a Garrett after all :)

Asher is NOT a fan of Peek-a-boo. Even if I'm not scaring him every time, after about 5 peek-a-boos he gets that cute little sad face and starts crying...sad.

Asher still loves to kick his feet. This is what is going through his head "Let's see how fast I can kick my feet for the next 5 minutes" He just keeps going, and he's so intent on it.

Every time Asher wakes up, he's so happy to see me and I'm so happy to see him. It's a fabulous relationship. I give him food, he's happy.

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  1. That orange car is insane! What a cool parade!

    And ahh - such a cute boy. I love that he doesn't like Peek-a-Boo, haha :) So adorable!!