Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Late Easter

I thought I'd post some of our Easter pics, cause I forgot to last month. 
Asher's blessing in March. He LOVED that outfit.

Asher's first Easter egg hunt at the mall....he found the best egg.

Asher's basket was hidden on the dryer...he was so excited to find it.

Family Easter pic. The Easter bunny hid Jordon's basket in the oven, and mine got hidden in Asher's car seat. Silly Bunny.


  1. He is so perfect and we can't wait to cuddle his cute self. Woot woot! Thanks for posting for us members of the Asher LeBaron fan club that live across the country ;)

  2. PS - Did I ever mention how proud I am of you for starting your Masters degree? Well if I didn't, I am a slacker. You rock girly!!! You two are my heroes...some day, we'll be like Ang and Jord...some day

    1. Haha, you are so sweet! Whatever, you are the one that rocks. You are DONE! Nice work. I'm so jealous. Hopefully I'm in your shoes in 2 years. Love you :)