Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Friends!

I am still figuring out this blog stuff, but I'm getting a little bit better every time I try. Eventually my blog will be as cute as all y'alls but until with it! Haha, jk. Life is awesome here in Logan. I just finished my Senior Recital!! Yay. I sang for about an hour and a half in 5 different languages. It was a party. Nothing can be more exciting than seeing the light at the end of the school tunnel. Hehe. I have 25 Violin, Voice and Piano students and it's fun! Married life is amazing and I love y'all!!

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  1. Check out your cute blog! I am very impressed. We loved your senior recital Ang. You really are an angel on that stage. So inspiring to watch how you have grown, and such an amazing experience to be there to feel the beauty of your voice in person. We love you. You are so wonderful and so beautiful.