Monday, February 14, 2011

Goodbye Disney World!!!! :(

So I decided I should probably catch up on life and let everyone know that we had a good Christmas in Disney world. The sad part was that we had to work on Christmas, but we had the morning to open presents. I got an elephant and named it Luna. I love my new elephant it's awesome! Jordon got a Ravenclaw scarf from me, and a Mickey Football signed by Mickey :) We had some fun watching fireworks on the beach laying in a hammock before New Years. Jordon had to work on New Years Eve so we celebrated before. Then, after our last day of work on the 5th, we road-tripped it home (38-hour drive) on January 6th. We started driving at midnight on the 6th, drove through 2 nights switching off and got home on the 8th at 10 am. Jordon started school on the 10th and I jumped right into work. I have 30 students, I work for my bro Brennon online, and I work for my cousin Candice visiting people with a medical device. Jordon had his opera Julius Caesar in January....that was crazy and unexpected. Lynn (our opera director) gave him a part to learn and perform in 2 weeks. Now it is Valentines day and we are excited for the events planned this evening...will update later.


  1. love the update angela. keep em' coming.

  2. Great to hear what you've been up to!! What a fun experience that must've been, working in the land of sun + Disney!! Can't wait to read more! :)