Saturday, June 27, 2009

The LeBaron's

Hello Everyone! I can't believe I finally have a blog after years of people telling me to get one. I don't know how to use it much yet, but I'm sure I'll learn...slowly but surely. Jordon and I got married on March 6, 2009...not too long ago. We met up here at Utah State University where we are both music majors. We kissed on our first date, but still waited a year to get married. We live in Logan and will be here for the next 3 years. Jordon is also majoring in business and he is going to do his masters here :) He works at Sam's Club right now and is moving up the ladder quickly...they really like him (so do I). I teach violin, voice, and piano, and I also work the lunch shift at Logan Burgers. It's awesome!!! I've never had a real job like this before so I'm quite enjoying it. Summer is awesome, we are just living it up with all of our free time! We are also in the musical "Man of La Mancha" at a place called "Old Barn Theatre". Sounds pretty extraordinary huh? Well, you guessed it, it is literally an old barn that they decided to turn into a theatre. It's so hick I love it! Jordon is playing Sancho in the show which is the main dude's sidekick. He's very funny. I'm the housekeeper. I have 2 lines and I get to sing a song :) We like to go camping. We had our first family camp out a couple weeks ago. It was a funny experience. Jordon couldn't get the fire started because the wood was wet. When he finally got it started an hour later we heard thunder. He went to throw up the tent while I kept the fire going for our tinfoil dinners. They were half way done and Jordon barely got the tent up in time for it to start raining. It was insane! It poored and then started hailing and pelting us. It was rather hilarious. We were very hungry and couldn't eat our dinner cause it didn't cook :( So we had S'more stuff, chips, starbursts and gummy worms for dinner. We played some card games in our tent and had way too much sugar. I was getting crazy and we were laughing up a storm (no pun intended). We finally got to sleep after a long wet evening full of fun. That is the most exciting part of our lives right now. I'll let you know if anything else exciting comes along. -The LeBarons-


  1. Yahoo! You have a blog!!! Did you guys go camping alone? How fun! That is hilarious that you ate junk food for dinner. :) Sounds like quite the adventure. I love that you have a suburban too. Great camping vehicle. We love the Lebarons!

  2. Yeah we went alone...for our first camping was an adventure and a half. Love you Kim.